Check the bottom of your product bottle, where you'll find the product's lot number. Find this number under the appropriate product listed below and click on the link to view the lab results. The lab results contain information about the date of manufacture, attributes (like consistency and color), potencies, terpenes, pesticides, heavy metals, solvents and so on. This page includes both in-house and third-party lab results. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let us know! 

 Click the lot number to view the lab results.

CBD Oil Tinctures

500mg Lemon 

Lot Number: HTL500-T254 


1000mg, Lemon

Lot Number: HTL1000-T238


500mg, Mint

Lot Number: HTM500-T264


1000mg, Mint

Lot Number: HTM1000-T208


500mg, Orange 

 Lot Number: HTO500-T316 


1000mg, Orange

Lot Number: HTO1000-T269


500mg, Pet

Lot Number: HTNAT500-T257


CBD Salve

500mg, Salve

Lot Number: S1OZ500-T289


Lot Number: S1OZ500-20279-11


CBD Gummies

Strawberry Lemonade

Lot Number: 19122015160142


Lot Number: 19122125160141


Green Apple

Lot Number: 19122125160141


Lot Number: 20041215160142


Lot Number: 20090417110175


CBD Softgels

10mg/Serving 300mg/Bottle

Lot Number: SG10-T172


Lot Number: SG10-T335


25mg/Serving 750mg/Bottle

Lot Number: 2004201


Lot Number: SG25-2020501


CBD Salve Stick

250mg, Salve Stick

Lot Number: 9304A


CBD Cream

250mg, CBD Cream

Lot Number: 9301A


CBD Bath Bombs

25mg/Bath Bomb

Lot Number: 0063A