Using CBD to Optimize Your Fitness Performance

Getting enough exercise is one of the surest ways to lift your mood, strengthen your body, and boost your overall health. 

Consistent exercise has also been linked to easier weight management, reduced risk of heart problems, and a longer lifespan. [1][2]

But even working out isn’t without its downsides. People who exercise frequently may experience injuries, burnout, or even full-blown overtraining syndrome. [3]

That’s where CBD comes in. It turns out that CBD and fitness are a match made in biochemical heaven! Keep reading to learn more about how to use CBD to optimize your fitness performance. 

  • Fitness-friendly CBD products
  • CBD: Not a performance-enhancing drug
  • How pro athletes combine CBD and fitness
  • CBD and fitness FAQ’s
  • CBD and fitness: from theory to practice
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Fitness-friendly CBD products 

CBD comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes — and many of them can help you make the most of your workouts. 

Various health and wellness enthusiasts find that CBD topicals are a great way to reduce localized pain and inflammation. 

Ingestible CBD products are also a hit. Oils, tinctures, and softgels make it easy to take CBD consistently. And when CBD is taken consistently... good things happen! Its top fitness-friendly benefits include:

  • Better sleep
  • Lower stress
  • Faster recovery
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved fat-burning

How pro athletes combine CBD and fitness

Don’t just take our word for CBD’s benefits, though. Instead, take a look at what pro athletes are doing!

Pro athletes like Rampage Jackson, Jorge Masvidal, Eddie Hall, Bubba Watson, and Nate Diaz all report using CBD to boost their fitness and reduce their recovery time. CBD seems to shut down the stress response that can occur after hard training, allowing athletes to handle hard training without any negative impact on sleep or mood. [4]

CBD: Not a performance-enhancing drug

With all these benefits, you might be wondering whether or not CBD is even legal for competitive athletes. After all, many of the most powerful performance-enhancing substances are banned! 

The topic of CBD’s legality has actually been a source of much debate among anti-doping agencies. For now, however, CBD is completely legal for competitive athletes. UFC President Dana White has argued in favor of CBD’s legality, explaining that it might be neuroprotective for fighters. “For people who deal with chronic pain, it’s groundbreaking,” he says. [5

CBD may not possess the same exercise-boosting effects of testosterone or EPO, but it still helps athletes perform at their best. Research has shown that CBD may lower blood pressure, promote circulation, and reduce inflammation. [6][7

 In other words, CBD finds itself in the same rarified category of legal performance-enhancers — alongside caffeine, cordyceps, B vitamins, and more.  Athletes can freely take CBD without risking their health or reputation.

CBD & fitness FAQs

Ready to get started with CBD? If so, you probably have some questions. Below are some of the most common ones!

Is CBD good for fitness?

Yes! We’d encourage you to view CBD products as an overall wellness booster. While there’s still much to learn about CBD and how it affects exercise performance, elite athletes are already bringing theory to practice and experiencing CBD’s benefits for themselves. 

Just keep in mind that lots of variables go into your experience with CBD, including how much you take, how often you take it, your age and health status, your metabolic rate, potential drug-drug interactions, etc. 

Most people find that beginning with a low daily dose of CBD and slowly titrating up provides them with the best experience. 

Why do athletes use CBD?

Athletes use CBD for many of the same reasons that anyone would — to sleep better, feel better, and experience less inflammation and pain. 

These qualities are almost universally beneficial...and they offer special promise to athletes who want to get an edge up on the competition. Many athletes find CBD is more than capable of replacing less natural or less healthy supplements. 

How do athletes use CBD?

 Athletes use CBD in a variety of ways, too. Most people might think about CBD oil when they hear the term CBD, but the reality is that CBD products come in all shapes and sizes. 

Many athletes prefer a multifaceted CBD approach such as this: an athlete might take a CBD capsule each morning, apply a CBD topical after tough workouts, and take a CBD oil/tincture each evening. 

We’d recommend tinctures or gummies for sleep. Speaking of sleep, it’s one of the most important things — if not the most important thing —   an athlete can have. Tennis pro Roger Federer says he feels best getting 11+ hours of sleep a night! 

What will CBD do to your muscles?

In theory, CBD’s ability to reduce catabolic stress hormones like cortisol should mean good things for your muscle mass. This concept needs more research, however. [8]

What we do know for sure is that CBD can make your fitness routine more bearable by reducing muscular aches and pains. Both CBD salves and salve sticks can attack muscular discomfort at its source. These products combine premium CBD with powerful botanicals and nourishing carrier oils. 

Should I take CBD before or after working out?

Great question. We’d suggest that the post-workout period is where CBD really shines — but feel free to play around until you find a routine that works for you! 

Many athletes prefer taking a small amount of CBD each morning (pre-workout) and reserving most of their CBD usage for later in the day. Endurance athletes may benefit from pre-workout CBD more than strength athletes, since CBD has a potential fat mobilizing effect. [9

Another benefit? CBD may help hard-training athletes get back into balance after their workouts. “Taking in cannabinoids could be thought of as supplementing or increasing the activity of your body’s existing system,” famed cycling coach Chris Carmichael explains to NatuRx

“Athletes apply greater stress to their bodies [than most people], leading to pain and inflammation greater than the ECS can handle. Adding in [CBD] may help this overloaded system get neurotransmitters back under control.” [10]

To experience the best of CBD’s recovery-boosting benefits, take a look at bath bombs. They allow CBD to access a greater surface area than virtually any other type of product.(You should also know that our bath bomb’s delicious scent comes from all-natural lavender.) You could even use CBD-infused bath bombs alongside magnesium-rich epsom salt.  

Are athletes permitted to use cannabinoids like CBD?

Yes, they are. Virtually every governing body in the sports world allows for CBD use during training and competition. 

While THC and other psychotropic cannabinoids are banned by WADA and other authorities, CBD is completely allowed. Athletes who want to stay on the safe side can simply use a THC-free, broad spectrum CBD product. 

CBD & fitness: from theory to practice 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a look at how you can actually incorporate CBD into your real-life fitness/wellness routine. Here’s a hypothetical CBD-infused day: 


You begin the day with a light breakfast or morning smoothie. Right before this morning meal, you take your favorite CBD oil. You’re sure to take it as a sublingual — held under your tongue. This lets the compound dissolve and reach your bloodstream via the membranes under your tongue.

If you’re more of the intermittent fasting type, don’t worry. You can simply add a few drops of CBD oil into some bulletproof coffee or tea. 

CBD capsules are also ideal for morning use, particularly if you’re going to be on the go all day and at risk of forgetting to take a little more CBD oil later. 


By now you’ve probably completed your morning workout. If your sore, heavy muscles are getting to be distracting, consider supplementing with some topical CBD right about this time. 

If you haven’t worked out yet, on the other hand, then consider going light on the CBD for now. You can always take more of it after your workout!


Ah, the evening — a time to kick back, relax, and unwind. Hard-training athletes like yourself probably need all the help they can get when it comes to fully unwinding, so consider spending at least some of your evening in an ultra-relaxing CBD-infused bath. If this type of setup doesn’t facilitate a runner’s high, we don’t know what will.  

Summing things up

Well, there you have it. CBD’s anti-inflammatory, anti-stress qualities make it ideal for pro athletes and weekend warriors alike. 

If you haven’t already, use CBD’s natural power to get hiking, biking, swimming, and more!

And if you still have questions, you can always learn more about CBD  by clicking here. Our CBD 101 blog is a great place to get started on your own fitness/wellness journey. 

You’ll also find comprehensive information throughout our Organico Wellness blog, including important announcements that can help you stay up to date on new products and developments.

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