Danielle Simone Brand + Lyna Thompson: Two moms/entrepreneurs and their contributions to breaking the cannabis-stigma through education & fun experiences

Danielle Simone Brand is a writer covering the cannabis and parenting spaces—and their many overlaps. A few years ago, she wouldn't have self-described as a "weed mom" but she's found her sparkle in writing about cannabis to inform, uplift, and occasionally challenge her readers while helping push the conversation toward a more progressive place. She holds a BA from Dartmouth College and an MA from American University and has worked as a yoga teacher and trainer, a staff writer, and a researcher on issues of international conflict resolution. She lives with her husband, two kids, and a barky terrier in the Pacific Northwest (formerly in sunny San Diego!). You can find her latest book “Weed Mom: The Canna-Curious Woman’s Guide to Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting, and Chilling TF Out” on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and don’t forget to ask your local book store if they carry it also.

Lyna Thompson founded 420booksociety to provide a fun and educational experience with this marvelous plant right in the comfort and privacy of home. Her monthly boxes include a featured book of the month, plus 2-3 unique essentials to enhance the learning experience including product samples to help you find new ways to add CBD to your routine delivered right to your door every month! Lyna lives in Southern California and has been running 420booksociety for almost 3 years. She’s also partnered with bookshop.org, which donates a portion to local bookstores every time you buy a book. In her online bookshop store you can find a wide selection and collections curated by Lyna on different cannabis topics such as: New to Cannabis, Cooking with Cannabis, Cannabis History, and more.  You can join 420 book Society by going to their website: 420booksociety.com 


1. How do your offerings contribute to breaking the stigma on cannabis?

Lyna: One of the biggest issues around the stigma of cannabis is that it is not medicine, ending that stigma requires education along with a personal experience. Cannabis is a personal journey and it definitely takes time to explore and discover how it can best benefit you. The 420 Book Society was created to help along that journey by providing education with a personal experience, in the comfort of home, allowing you to learn and grow your relationship with cannabis and how it works best for you with our monthly book boxes. 

Danielle: When people understand and respect the many nuances of cannabis, their experiences with the plant tend to be overwhelmingly positive. With my new book, Weed Mom, I hope to help people learn enough to enjoy cannabis in a healthy way that will contribute to the breakdown of stigmas and stereotypes. I also think that shedding the cannabis stigma requires talking about it, like A LOT; my book encourages canna-moms (and potential canna-moms!) to start thoughtful conversations with people in their lives about the plant and what it means to them. I include a chapter on talking to kids at different ages and stages about cannabis, and another on handling the subject in your intimate life with a partner. I also include a chapter on talking to older folks, and in chapter 11, I dive into some of the issues around socializing with cannabis. In other words, I wanted to provide people with tools for talking to a variety of people about cannabis in a straightforward and compassionate way—and I certainly hope that readers will feel empowered to do so more often!

 2. How did you become interested in cannabis?

Lyna: I was always aware of the plant but it was a drug and I didn’t do that, I was a DARE kid!! It wasn't until my mid 30’s and meeting my now husband, when I started exploring the plant. At first it was just recreational, something we did out of town or when the kids were away. In 2016 I started having some numbness issues in my hips. Of course I headed straight to the doctor and was quickly told to try pills! I was shocked, “nothing but here try these”! It was at that moment I realized I needed to explore Cannabis as medicine. 

Danielle: In the first chapter of my book, I tell what I call my “unusual cannabis love story”—before I loved the plant, I actually kind of hated it. (I know, I know!) Thing is, I’d seen firsthand how my husband’s overuse of cannabis caused him, and us, problems. I didn’t understand the complexities of the plant yet, and so I misjudged it. But after my husband worked hard to reset his relationship to cannabis and develop more varied stress-relief strategies, I became interested in the plant for myself. At first, my interest was purely from a career perspective; I was new to freelance writing at the time and was landing cannabis assignments. But as I learned more and more about the plant, it started to legitimately capture my fascination with its bridging of science, health and wellness, social justice, politics, and business. Then I had what I call my “epiphany on the yoga mat,” where I inhaled a small dose of THC and practiced yoga; I felt truly embodied and present in a new way, soon realizing that, used wisely, cannabis is a tool that absolutely can support my health and wellbeing. From then, it was just a short jaunt down the road to becoming a cannabis journalist, a full-on enthusiast, and now, a cannabis author! 

3. Why do you think increasing numbers of women are interested in cannabis these days?

Lyna: Women are speaking up and taking control and what a better way for themselves and their families. 

Danielle: Stoner bro stereotypes be damned—cannabis has a lot to offer that women—and moms in particular—really need. These days, a lot of women are using cannabis to replace or moderate their alcohol intake because they consider it a healthier way to relax that also comes along with fewer negative consequences than drinking. In my research, I also found women using cannabis to improve sleep, sex, and self-care. Activities like yoga, meditation, taking baths, and spending time outside can all be more pleasurable, more nourishing, with a little TLC from cannabinoids like CBD and THC. I also found that many moms, in particular, find that the right dose of cannabis at the right moments increases their patience, empathy, humor, and creativity during playtime and bedtime with their kids. And, of course, topical CBD can be a big help for sore muscles and pain!

 4. What is your favorite cannabis product, strength, and use for relaxation after a long day as a mom/entrepreneur?

Lyna I’m a flower girl and love Cannabis is its natural form. Most nights after a long day are spent with the hubby and a few bong tokes! But if it's a stressful day and self care is needed, nothing is better than a CBD Bath Bomb! This helps me relax and soothes away any aches and pains from the day! Lately I've been enjoying Organico Wellness CBD & Lavender bath bombs. Coming in a  4 pack with 25mg of CBD each, these bath bombs are perfect for any night of the week!  

Danielle; If the kids are all tucked in and I’m spending the evening at home with my husband (which, let’s be honest, is every evening in the pandemic), I’ll enjoy an edible dose of 10 to 15 mg THC or a rice-sized amount of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). I appreciate the full-on body and mind relaxation of edibles and the fact that the experience feels pretty smooth and long-lasting. CBD’s effect on me is mood-enhancing, though in a more subtle way than THC’s, and I’ve been loving Organico’s gummies—both for the taste (yummy) and the feel (chill and easy). I find that I can take two of the gummies—20 mg of CBD—at pretty much any time of day or night and feel the benefits!                                                                


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Francesca is a Co-Founder of Organico Wellness and the Director of Communications. She has a passion for providing CBD education in a comprehensive, clear, and concise way. Francesca is also a dedicated mother of 2 and enjoys going on hikes with them during her free time.

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