CBD Benefits for Moms / Parents

Attention moms: do you feel this deep, desperate need to relax? Do your two year old’s “terrible two’s” have you struggling to keep your cool? 

Or maybe you just need that little bit more focus to make it easier to get more involved with your kids. Heck, who couldn’t use a little more energy?

Either way, the plant compound we know and love as CBD might be able to help. Many moms now view CBD as the best tool in their parenting toolbox! If you’ve wanted to try CBD but were scared off because you didn’t know how it would affect your parenting...this article is for you. 

  • What Is CBD? And How It’s Different than THC
  • Can Moms Take CBD?
  • Is CBD Legal?
  • CBD’s Benefits for Women
  • Is CBD Safe During Pregnancy?
  • CBD and Reproductive Health
  • Where to Find CBD Oil in San Diego

What Is CBD? And How It’s Different than THC

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the hemp plant’s most active ingredient. 

What’s hemp? Hemp is a subtype of cannabis that’s unusually rich in CBD and unusually low in THC. 

And hemp’s CBD — unlike cannabis’ THC — is highly beneficial without having any psychotropic/intoxicating side effects. CBD has a good safety profile, too, at least according to the World Health Organization (1). Research has shown that CBD may reduce inflammation, enhance mobility, promote sleep, relieve chronic pain, and even encourage flexible thinking. 

It’s that last bit that’s most important to mothers. CBD may not be very psychotropic/intoxicating, but it does still have profound effects on one’s outlook. It turns out that the balancing effects of CBD are a perfect match for the female body and mind. 

 Can Moms Take CBD?

The short answer is yes! Moms can and do take CBD, and they can and do experience the plant compound’s many potential benefits. 

Perhaps a better question would be why moms take CBD. 

Let’s start with some context/reality: being a mom is a full-time job all on its own. And many modern moms juggle their parental responsibilities with fast-paced careers, running businesses, and taking care of their homes. Being a mom means being loving, strong, and really dang good at multitasking — and it’s still hard.  

CBD could help make things a little easier. Many mothers say it helps them sleep better and find lasting pain relief. CBD may also make the socially stressful moments (think temper tantrums in the grocery store) a little more bearable. 

Is CBD legal?

Yes! CBD is just as legal as any other dietary supplement. 

You can thank 2018’s federal farm bill for that. This bill legalized CBD just as long as it came from industrial hemp, which is a type of cannabis that contains less than .3% THC. Hemp-derived CBD is fully federally legal, nor is it considered a controlled substance. 

CBD is legal for any person of any age, too — even kids! But we’ll get to that later.  

 CBD’s Benefits for Women

Yes, it’s true: CBD really does have several women-specific health benefits. 

The biggest one? It promotes homeostasis, or full body balance, of all sorts! CBD may work with your body’s endocannabinoid system to promote biochemical, hormonal, and emotional balance. 

CBD may also help reduce stress. All of you moms out there know that parenting is a balancing act of anxiety and joy: right from the start you stress about your child’s feeding habits, sleep schedule, schooling, et cetera. While being a mom is awesome, it’s a full time job that can feel all too stressful at times. 

A single dose of good-quality CBD could help. Studies have shown that CBD may lower stress hormone levels, providing powerful relief without the unwanted high (2). 

Other potential benefits of regular CBD use include hormonal regulation, reduced inflammation, improved autoimmunity, and improved mental health. Some experts feel that CBD, when coupled with a diet rich in healthy fats, may even promote better reproductive health. Endocannabinoid receptors have been found throughout the female reproductive system, so this potential benefit isn’t out of the question (3). 

And keep in mind that every woman’s health and wellness goals are different. Feel free to personalize your CBD routine as you learn how your body responds to the compound. 

Are CBD and Cannabis Safe During Pregnancy?

There’s no easy answer to this one. 

Clinical trials haven’t given us any answers yet, since pregnant/breastfeeding groups are typically the last ones to be put through these types of studies. Dr. Melanie Dryher’s research into Jamaican women in the 90s hinted that cannabinoids were safe for both baby and mother, but her work is controversial even now (4). 

But CBD may also help pregnant moms in less direct ways. If the early days of mommyhood have left you sleep-deprived, CBD could help you avoid making insomnia a habit! Many CBD users find it instills a type of restfulness that helps them sleep better — and better sleep is a big deal during pregnancy. 

CBD oil has even helped people find a safer alternative to sleeping pills. If you want to catch up on some much-needed zzz’s and wake up feeling refreshed for once, it might be time to try it. 

Last, but not least, cannabinoids like CBD and CBG may help reduce nausea. The clinical evidence in this area is pretty convincing (5), and many pregnant moms have experienced the same type of anti-nausea effects. More research on CBD’s use during pregnancy is still needed, though...so stay tuned.

Where to Find CBD Oil in San Diego

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Disclaimer: we're not medical professionals, and we don't make any claims that CBD will help you with XYZ. CBD is a dietary supplement, not a cure-all. But we'd encourage you to find out for yourself whether CBD adds something to your life.

Francesca is a Co-Founder of Organico Wellness and the Director of Communications. She has a passion for providing CBD education in a comprehensive, clear, and concise way. Francesca is also a dedicated mother of 2 and enjoys going on hikes with them during her free time.

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