Everything You Need to Know About Adding CBD to Your Daily Routine

CBD has exploded into popularity in the last few years.  There’s a reason for that: it works! 

Seriously. So far CBD (aka cannabidiol) has positively impacted millions of people...and it’s all because they took the time to add some CBD into their day-to-day life. Here’s how you can do the same. 

  • Why CBD Could Supercharge Your Daily Routine
  • How to Help Your Endocannabinoid System Heal
  • Consistency With CBD = Consistently Good Results
  • How to Infuse CBD Oil Into Your Everyday Routine
  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Softgels and Gummies 
  • CBD: We Use It, Too!

Why CBD Could Supercharge Your Daily Routine

If we can be honest, modern life has gotten pretty darn stressful. Our bodies and minds are exposed to toxins almost daily, including one of the biggest toxins of them all: fear. Each and every day, we run the risk of being distracted away from our goals and callings by things that don’t really matter. 

All this stress takes a toll on our biochemistry, weakens our immune system, and strains our mental health. Ever wondered what an anxiety attack feels like? Thanks to some of 2020’s more stressful events, many people are no longer just wondering. ‘

As one of the natural world’s best anti-stress compounds, CBD seems to be needed now more than ever before. Experts say that CBD promotes what’s called homeostasis — an ongoing balance of both body and mind (1)

More specifically, CBD helps your body stay in homeostasis with itself so that you can rise above homeostasis with the outside world. So that you can rise above the stress of life and truly thrive! Staying true to your ideal daily routine just got a little bit easier. 

How exactly does CBD do this? Largely by activating the body’s endocannabinoid system. All of us have one, and yours might just hold the key to better health and wellness...

How to Help Your Endocannabinoid System Heal

As soon as CBD is ingested, it begins to sink into the bloodstream and interact with special endocannabinoid receptors. These receptors are located throughout virtually every area of your body and brain — think of them as little satellites that transmit important messages to where they’re needed most. 

When these little satellites are activated, good things happen. They spring to life and start regulating homeostasis in areas as diverse as appetite, memory, and sleep. For over 50 years now, the research has been making it increasingly clear that a balanced endocannabinoid system = balanced health (2). If that’s the type of balance you’re after, adding CBD to your daily wellness routine might just help you get there. 

Consistency With CBD = Consistently Good Results 

As good as CBD might be, though, it’s no one-hit-wonder. CBD needs to be taken consistently over time to allow your body’s own endocannabinoid levels to be built back up. While some people (especially those who have trouble sleeping) feel better from CBD almost instantly, not everyone experiences this beginner’s luck.

Consistent CBD use doesn’t actually teach your body anything new — it just helps your endocannabinoid system get back to where it once was, before life’s stresses and strains started wreaking havoc. Much like vitamin D supplementation is really just a nice substitute for the sun, CBD substitutes for endocannabinoids until the whole endocannabinoid system has regained its strength (3). From start to finish this process can take a while. Long story short, CBD does best when it’s taken consistently over a long period of time.

Not that you’ll have to wait that long to start feeling better. Most users feel a slight improvement after just a few days. Stick with it and the benefits will only get more and more tangible; if you’re not feeling anything after a week, you probably just need to up your dose. 

CBD dosing is a topic for some other time, but here’s a good rule of thumb: the more severe your health challenges, the more CBD you’ll need to help your endocannabinoid system ‘compensate’ for things. Dosing frequency can also vary from person to person, with some people being good with a single morning CBD capsule and others needing more frequent microdosing. 

Ready to make CBD a part of your daily routine? Great! Here are a few ideas to help you start off strong:

How to Infuse CBD Oil Into Your Everyday Routine

CBD products come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes...and that makes selecting the right product(s) for your daily routine pretty easy. Perhaps you want to take a CBD tincture to help stabilize your mood, or a CBD topical to help you recover from yesterday’s CrossFit session. Or maybe you just want a CBD capsule that could help carry you through those especially hectic workdays. Regardless of your daily goals, CBD can probably help...

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are the oldest, most established form of CBD out there. Some ethnobotanists believe CBD-rich tinctures have been used for thousands of years (4). 

They’re also one of the most versatile. Even dosing can be customized, since each tincture contains a dropper that can dispense any number of CBD oil drops. Some people like to take a large dose each night to help them sleep, while others like to microdose with a drop or two all throughout the day. Hey, whatever floats your boat — and/or activates your endocannabinoid system.

For all you engineering minds out there, CBD tinctures are made through a proprietary CO2 extraction process that directly strips CBD and other cannabinoids away from hemp’s biomass. While some brands use CBD isolate or full spectrum CBD in their products, we take a middle ground by using the best of both worlds: broad spectrum CBD. This type of CBD contains beneficial trace cannabinoids and terpenes, yet it’s entirely free from THC.

Another example of the CBD tincture’s versatility? It can be added to all sorts of different foods and drinks. CBD oil can be mixed with alcohol to make fun cocktails, and if you thought bulletproof coffee was good, wait til you try bulletproof coffee that’s been CBD-infused.

If you’re more of a water-only person...that’s totally fine too. CBD oil can easily be sprinkled onto a healthy meal. Research has shown, in fact, that taking CBD with healthy fats boosts its absorption rates (5). 

You can check out our CBD tinctures here. We even have pet tinctures for your furry friend of choice.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are another popular class of CBD products. If you want your CBD to target a specific part of your body — like an arthritic joint or sprained ankle — then consider topical CBD the right product for you. Is your body stressed out from being stuck sitting at the computer all day? A topical CBD product could bring you some much-needed relief.

Athletes have also reaped the benefits of adding topical CBD into their daily routine. Pro strongman Eddie Hall has called it a “secret weapon” for workout recovery. For best results, you’ll probably want to couple your topical CBD use with an ingestible product like a CBD capsule or tincture. 

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CBD Softgels and Gummies 

CBD softgels are another highly popular way you can take your daily dose of CBD. Why so popular? Well, the whole experience is refined. There’s no earthy-tasting oils involved, and the time-released effects make feeling your best feel, well, predictable. Just keep in mind that softgels can take slightly longer to kick in than other CBD products. Also be sure to avoid any CBD capsules that contain weird fillers (like PEG) or inflammatory oils (like grapeseed oil)(6). 

Last, but not least, let’s take a brief look at CBD gummies. Don’t let their appearance fool you: CBD gummies pack a serious amount of anti-inflammatory relief into their cute little selves. They’re easy to take and convenient to bring on the go. If you’re traveling and want to bring your CBD with you, CBD gummies are probably the most convenient choice.  

Get your flow on with our CBD softgels, or reminisce about the Flinstone vitamins of your childhood with these CBD gummies

CBD: We Use It, Too!

At Organico we don’t just talk about CBD. We use the stuff ourselves! Here’s how CBD’s transformed our daily routines and leveled up our productivity.

George Pina Co-Founder 

While I consider any CBD product to be a good CBD product, our 25mg CBD Softgels have got to be my favorite. I take my softgel each morning, and the CBD provides me with energy and helps me focus while I work. As business owners we tend to wear many hats, and it can be challenging and stressful at times...but our CBD products have helped me reduce stress and stay productive when I need it most.

Francesca Brown Co-Founder 

As a business owner and busy mom of two, CBD has had a tremendous impact in my life. Being a mom isn’t easy, and CBD has really helped me find calm during the most stressful times. My favorite products to use are our CBD Oil Tincture and our CBD gummies. The CBD Oil is part of my daily wellness regime. I take it each morning with breakfast. The gummies are my early evening treat. I use them as a tool to help relax my mind so I can be the best version of myself for my kids.

Junior Dominguez  Co- Founder

I have made the 1,000mg CBD Tincture part of my afternoon routine. I prefer using the tincture sublingually and washing it down with a cup of tea. Tea has always been my drink of choice but CBD really gives it an extra kick.



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Francesca is a Co-Founder of Organico Wellness and the Director of Communications. She has a passion for providing CBD education in a comprehensive, clear, and concise way. Francesca is also a dedicated mother of 2 and enjoys going on hikes with them during her free time.

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